Program main window
Move cursor over the window elements to read the description.

Dealer's cards

Player's cards

1. Best move
This field shows you what is best move for you to make

2. Game Mode
select [Player vs. Dealer] when there are no other players at the table otherwise, select [..With other players]

3. Number of decks
select how many decks is in a shoe.

4. Game Rules
allows you to set specific rules of blackjack game.

5. Bankroll Management
check this to enable bankroll management feature.

6. Shuffle
Click on this button when shoe is shuffled.

7. Reshuffle after each...
check this if shoe is reshuffled after every single hand.

8. End game
Use this button to end current session.

9. Action buttons
Every time you take action in game, like hit, stand, double etc. you need to click on the corresponding button.

10. Bankroll Management
After each hand BMA calculates optimal bet, you should enter 'your bet' amount each time you change bet. Click on [arrow] button to quick set 'Your bet' to the same value as optimal bet.

11. Game Stats
Shows most important game factors

12. Cards in shoe
shows how many cards remain in the shoe
On the(%) list during the game cards with higher probability of dealt will go on the top of the list (more Green) and cards with lower probability will stay on the bottom (more Red) of the list.

13. Dock or undock all tool windows from the main window.

14. Track button
Click on this button and select some external window (casino) by clicking on it's title bar - now all BMA tool windows will track & follow the selected external window.

You can change the position of BMA tool windows inside and outside of the selected window.

BMA will remember tool windows positions relative to the selected window so the next time you select the same window tool windows position will be restored.

15. Voice Tips
Click on the speaker icon to enable or disable voice tips.

You can also select voice type in menu: [Options] > [Voice Tips] > [Voice Type].

16. Displays time elapsed since the beginning of the session. In trial version displays demo time limit.

17. Switch between history and current game.

Setting game rules
Before you start playing check blackjack rules and select number of decks used in game. To change rules click on Game rules button then select appropriate fields and click apply. If you are unsure what blackjack rules uses your online casino you should check help section, contact casino support or ask dealer.
Blackjack Multi Advisor - Settings panel 21's Rules Button 21's Rules Window

Starting game
When you are ready to play click on "Start game" or Deal button. Game settings window will now appear (if Bankroll Management option is selected) , now you can enter your bankroll amount and table limits (max.- min. bet) and select preferred card counting system. When you are ready click Start to proceed.

Note that recommended minimal bankroll amount should be at least 50x higher than minimal bet.
Start Game button Blackjack Multi Advisor - Card Countin Software - Banroll Management Window

Selecting cards
Program will sequentially show cards input panels for:   Your cards  >>  Dealer cards  >>  Other players cards (if multiplayer).
Select correct cards and click Confirm or Next. If you select wrong card click Remove button to remove last card.
Cards input panel

Panel to   input dealer's up card

Game Statistics
When you select all required cards, program will do calculations and update all statistics. BMA will also show you what is the best action for selected cards considering all factors.
You can select card counting system and decide what information should be displayed in Game Stat window by clicking on the settings Display setting for card counting statistic button.. button.
Cards in shoe   stat Displays current blackjack gameplay stat

Action menu & buttons
Every time you take action in game like hit, stand, double etc. you need to click on the corresponding button or use menu shortcut.
Action MenuAction buttons

Bankroll Mangement
After each deal program will update your bankroll and calculate optimal bet, you should enter 'your bet' amount every time you change bet amount in game. Click on Set bet as optimal button to quick set 'Your bet' amount to the same value as optimal bet.
Blackjack bankroll management window

Game Summaries
To end current game click on 'End game' button. Now BMA will show summary of your game. You can also view full summary that contains summary of all games that you have played by clicking on the 'Full summary' button.
Game summaryFull summary window

System Requirements
  • Intel or AMD CPU with 1 GHz or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or more
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10